Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wisata Bahari Lamongan

Wisata Bahari lamongan a.k.a WBL, located on paciran-Lamongan, 1,5 hours from Surabaya. WBL is a recreation place area which is near beach, so you can see wonderful view of beach. From here, you can see north java ocean. WBL was is Tanjung kodok, a beach and there is big stone that have shape like frog, and now.. the stone is still exist.

WBL is like Dreamland ( Dunia fantasi) in Jakarta or jatim park in Malang. People can called WBL is Jatim park II. Why is called Wisata bahari lamongan? Because the location near ocean, and most of the play area use water. Like dunia air ( water world, canoe, duck ship, banana boat, swimming pool etc. Also you can visit education area like Wali songo area, baby zoo, and museum. There are also challenge play area like, jet coaster, paus dangdut, motor cross, atv, 3d studio, ghost hospital etc.

I recommend to you if want to visit it, you must use jacket, glasses and hat. If you want to sunbathing, don’t forget to wear sun block lotion. The weather is so sunny or so hot. Don’t worry, there are food court if hungry after play all day long and you can buy souvenir in souvenir store if you want to give handicraft to your friends or your family.

Here are the ticket box :

Normal ticket is 35000 idr

Continue ticket is 40000 idr

Holiday package is 47000 idr – include zoo and maharani cave, located in front of WBL


  1. wonderfull place. subhaanallah

  2. Well, belum pernah kesana tuh...

    kapan-kapan kalo mo kesana ajak-ajak yaa

  3. boleh2 wo...
    asal sama2 punya waktu aja deh