Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Fasting and Ramadhan

For all my friends and Moslem people:

" Happy Fasting and Ramadhan"

May Allah Blessing all of you..


Happy Independence day
For Indonesia!!!!

Beautiful Makassar

Finally I can saw the beach and sea...
In Tuesday, 4 august, Me and my mom went to Makassar.
We spent 2 nights here
Mom attended in Dekan / Chairman Faculty Meeting in Makassar
which held by Unismuh Makassar.

I'm so happy when knew that our cottage is located closed beach and sea.

You know... I can saw sunset every afternoon...
i can saw sea whenever i want, that was so beautiful..

Beside that I also visit tourism object in Makassar
such as National park bantimurung, Gowa palace, Losari beach
and enjoy traditional food like konro soup, coto makassar etc.

Makassar is located in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Makassar is South Sulawesi capital
I recommended to visit Makassar to you...
and don't 4 get go to Losari beach to watch sunset
also visit island2 arround Makassar and diving
I wonder and wish that I can come back here again...

Pose @ hotel Golden makassar. Nice view

Nice sunset. Take a pict from @ Losari beach, Makassar

sunset view from our cottage, Makassar Golden Hotel

nice pose @ side of cottage

@ bantimurung national park. There are nice waterfall and butterfly here