Friday, May 14, 2010

I want to share good tips for you

1. Make sure that your baggage already to bring. try to packing two days before you go

-prepare your suitcase

-prepare the clothes, make sure related how long you wanna to go. get clothes which is can mixed n matches.

- toiletteries ( pasta gigi, sikat, sabun)

- makeup-for girl only-

-drugs box

-flip flop sandals / shoes

- camera ,mp3 player, and magazines

-bring enough snack.

2. Make sure that your home sweet home already comfortable and save for leave it

-clean the house first

-ceck the electonics. unplug all of the electronic stuff except your lamp's house

- off the stove

- store the jewels, laptop / in to your room ( in your

-report to ketua RT ,security guard dan left-right neighborhood

-lock the hose and set the alarm

- Additional tips, turn on the radio at home as long as you go .. it can deceive people who are not responsible for the targeting your house.

3.make sure your vehicle fit


-Check machines, servicing a few days before going home

Bring the security triangle, car equipment.

-Check the tire pressure and tire condition


Emoticon HolicEmoticon Holic

Be careful during the trip. Do not believe the people who are not known. Immediately report to the nearest police station if there is something with your life. Who want the train going home pake apai, bus or plane .. hehehe yes do not forget the tickets.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Earthquake hit Indonesia twice!!!

A powerful earthquake struck off the city of Padang on Indonesia's Sumatra island on today, killing up to 200 people and trapping thousands under rubble, an official said.Priyadi Kardono, spokesman for the national disaster agency, said about 500 houses had caved in and people were buried under the rubble.The 7.6 magnitude quake hit Padang, West Sumatra this afternoon. Initially thousands of people were believed trapped under collapsed houses and other buildings, but with communications to the area cut, officials have struggled to get details of casualties and damage.

The death toll was likely to rise as many buildings in the city of 900,000 people had collapsed, Indonesian vice president Jusuf Kalla told a late night news conference in Jakarta.TV footage showed piles of debris and smashed houses after the earthquake, which caused widespread panic across the city.Rustam Pakaya, the head of the health ministry's disaster centre in Jakarta, said "thousands of people are trapped in the rubble of buildings".

The main hospital had collapsed, roads were cut off by landslides and Metro Television said the roof of Padang airport had caved in. Thousands were expected to spend the night in the open while a full assessment of the damage would need to wait until daybreak.The disaster is the latest in a spate of natural and man-made calamities to hit Indonesia, a sprawling archipelago of 226 million people.Mr Kalla said the government was preparing for an emergency response of up to two months.The damage could be on a par with that caused by a 2006 quake in the central Java city of Yogyakarta that killed 5,000 people and damaged 150,000 homes, he said.The quake was felt around the region, with some high-rise buildings in Singapore, 440 km to the northeast, evacuating staff. Office buildings also shook in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre cancelled an earlier tsunami alert.A resident called Adi told Metro Television: "For now I can't see dead bodies, just collapsed houses. Some half destroyed, others completely. People are standing around too scared to go back inside. They fear a tsunami.""No help has arrived yet," he said. I can see small children standing around carrying blankets. Some people are looking for relatives but all the lights have gone out completely."

Sumatra is home to some of the country's largest oil fields as well as its oldest liquefied natural gas terminal, although there were no immediate reports of damage to those facilities.Padang, capital of Indonesia's West Sumatra province, sits on one of the world's most active fault lines along the "Ring of Fire" where the Indo-Australia plate grinds against the Eurasia plate to create regular tremors and sometimes quakes.A 9.15 magnitude quake, with its epicentre roughly 600 km northwest of Padang, caused the 2004 tsunami which killed 232,000 people in Indonesia's Aceh province, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, and other countries across the Indian Ocean.

The depth of Wednesday's earthquake was 85 km, the United States Geological Survey said. It revised down the magnitude of the quake from 7.9 to 7.6.A series of tsunamis yesterday smashed into the Pacific island nations of American and Western Samoa, and Tonga killing possibly more than 100 people, some washed out to sea, destroying villages and injuring hundreds.the day after earthquake hit in Padang, it also happened in Jambi, Sumatra. but the victim is less than in Padang.

and there are the picture of the earthquake....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Travel Warning: Indonesia is Dangerously Beautiful

I've got it in internet after saw Jejak petualang show in Trans7 ( Indonesia's television)
The presenter use cool t-shirt which is the t-shirt says:

What a great words!!! I love it and I love u full hahahaha
Do you agree friends??
So please...if You want take this word
Unfortunately this t-shirt had popular since 2 years ago.
What???? I am late....
No problem, I can make my own shirt...
or is there anybody knows where I can get this t-shirt???

Love Indonesia cultures

We know that Indonesia have many cultures ( The world also know it), but does we as Indonesian people cares and love them? Nowadays Indonesian people often surprised by Malaysia that claim Indonesia's culture such as traditional food, dance, traditional weapon, batik even island. That claimed made Indonesia angry. What should we do with this? well... We often did not care yet about our culture, some people more choosing modern style than traditional custom. Actually, we can not angry with Malaysia that claim our cultures. It is because Indonesia and Malaysia located in the same region, South East Asia and so closed each other. Both of country have similar language, Malay and Indonesia languange. Indonesian people often go to Malaysia, even to stay there. It is possible that Indonesian people who stay in Malaysia introduce and teach it to Malay people. and Malaysia more appreciate to take care our culture than us, so... they can claim that those culture are Malaysia cultures

What are the cultures that claimed by Malaysia? there are Batik(traditional cloth and kain), ra sa sayange song and other songs, Pendet dance ( from Bali), Traditional Instrument music ( angklung, kecapi), traditional foods ( rendang, ketupat, tumpeng, sate ,etc), Reog ponorogo, Ambalat and sebatik Islands ( small island in east kalimantan n near riau province). The Indonesia Government should paid seriously attention to take care all of the cultures and make list culture and have to patent right that cultures. The government must be ask the society to take care and promote them in the world. So guys... we must proud with our country and care with the cultures too. would you???

Some of Indonesia's culture that claimed by Malaysia.
All of them are originally of Indonesia!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Fasting and Ramadhan

For all my friends and Moslem people:

" Happy Fasting and Ramadhan"

May Allah Blessing all of you..


Happy Independence day
For Indonesia!!!!

Beautiful Makassar

Finally I can saw the beach and sea...
In Tuesday, 4 august, Me and my mom went to Makassar.
We spent 2 nights here
Mom attended in Dekan / Chairman Faculty Meeting in Makassar
which held by Unismuh Makassar.

I'm so happy when knew that our cottage is located closed beach and sea.

You know... I can saw sunset every afternoon...
i can saw sea whenever i want, that was so beautiful..

Beside that I also visit tourism object in Makassar
such as National park bantimurung, Gowa palace, Losari beach
and enjoy traditional food like konro soup, coto makassar etc.

Makassar is located in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Makassar is South Sulawesi capital
I recommended to visit Makassar to you...
and don't 4 get go to Losari beach to watch sunset
also visit island2 arround Makassar and diving
I wonder and wish that I can come back here again...

Pose @ hotel Golden makassar. Nice view

Nice sunset. Take a pict from @ Losari beach, Makassar

sunset view from our cottage, Makassar Golden Hotel

nice pose @ side of cottage

@ bantimurung national park. There are nice waterfall and butterfly here

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tips for holiday

1. Plan the destination
plan the where do you want to go.... in domestic area or foreign?? i ts up to you

2. Plan how long will you stay, what vehicle that do you want to use?

3. Prepare the budget related your destination
arrange the budget, dont too much or less. bring enough money or you can bring your credit card or ATM card

4. Prepare the suit case
- bring enough clothes, treasure, jeans, underwear
- bring toiletries
- cosmetics ( for women esp) bring sunblock to avoid the UV
- bring the snack, mp3, camera, handycam, magazine
- bring sandals and shoes
-bring jacket and sunglasses

5. Prepare the ticket and the pasport Important!!!

6. keep healthy