Saturday, March 28, 2009

WBL Photos

Zoo museum
you can see replicas of the animal fossil

Pool side

ride boat....
just 20000 IDR /person
not including continue ticket.
you can buy the ticket in restaurant on the beach
or you can play banana boat
the ticket is 165000 IDR in a group ( consist of min.5 person)

play jet coaster
while ride, you can see the beautiful scenery of the ocean

Welcome to the Wisata bahari lamongan

Here are the continue of WBL post.
but, i just post the photos
that photos taken when I and my friends went there
on December 2008

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wisata Bahari Lamongan

Wisata Bahari lamongan a.k.a WBL, located on paciran-Lamongan, 1,5 hours from Surabaya. WBL is a recreation place area which is near beach, so you can see wonderful view of beach. From here, you can see north java ocean. WBL was is Tanjung kodok, a beach and there is big stone that have shape like frog, and now.. the stone is still exist.

WBL is like Dreamland ( Dunia fantasi) in Jakarta or jatim park in Malang. People can called WBL is Jatim park II. Why is called Wisata bahari lamongan? Because the location near ocean, and most of the play area use water. Like dunia air ( water world, canoe, duck ship, banana boat, swimming pool etc. Also you can visit education area like Wali songo area, baby zoo, and museum. There are also challenge play area like, jet coaster, paus dangdut, motor cross, atv, 3d studio, ghost hospital etc.

I recommend to you if want to visit it, you must use jacket, glasses and hat. If you want to sunbathing, don’t forget to wear sun block lotion. The weather is so sunny or so hot. Don’t worry, there are food court if hungry after play all day long and you can buy souvenir in souvenir store if you want to give handicraft to your friends or your family.

Here are the ticket box :

Normal ticket is 35000 idr

Continue ticket is 40000 idr

Holiday package is 47000 idr – include zoo and maharani cave, located in front of WBL

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gresik ( My hometown)

Gresik is located in west side of Surabaya distanced about 18 km, be industrial town with Semen Gresik factory which is famous in Indonesia, there is also big wood crafter home industry and build since 1976.

In this town there is Sunan Maulana Malik Ibrahim cemetery who is one of 9 holy men in Islam religion, first Islam spreader in East Java who pass away in 882 H or 1419 A.D and buried in Kampung Gapura Gresik.

About 2 km in South side of the town, precisely in Bukit Giri we can find Sunan Giri cemetery who is also one of 9 Islam spreader sponsors in Java. The commemoration ceremony of Sunan Giri’s died (Khol Sunan Giri) scheduled in calendar of East Java Tourism.

Besides, there is also Leran grave that is mother of Sunan Giri grave, which located in Leran village, Manyar about 8 km from Gersik town.

The other tourism objects including, Gapura Kanjeng Tumenggung Pusponegoro grave in Gapuro village, Makam Nyi Ageng Pinatih in Kebongson village, bat cave in Pongangan village, Tirta Agung swimming pool in Sidomoro village, a hall in Bawean island and source of hot water in Kota Kusuma village, Kastoba lake in Tambak village, Bhayangkara Diponggo beach in Diponggo village and marine park of Noko island in Daun village.

History Of Gresik Town

Gresik have known since 11-century ke-11 when it grew to become a center commerce that not only inter island, but also extended to many countries. As a commercial centre, Gresik many visited by Chinese, Arab, Gujarat, Calcutta, Siam, Bengali, Campa and others merchants. Gresik start coming up in regulation of history since had grow Islam in Java region. The Islam religion spreader is Syech Maulana Malik Ibrahim with Fatimah Binti Maimun came to Gresik in the early of 11 century.

Gresik regency has various fascination tourism objects such as: Tourism Object, which divided into 3 parts that is: nature tourism, cultural tourism, special enthusiasm tourism, tourism facilities support, tourism service and recreation and entertainment amusement of public at every area in Gresik regency.

Most of natural tourism resides in Bawean island, while other tourism spread over continent area.
As result of visual data reportage and tourism object photograph as component of information of tourism support, which done by Gresik Government Tourism And Communication Service 2002, have yielded aggregate data and information about tourisms:
a. Tourism Object and Cultural Aspect in Gresik regency
b. Tourism Object and Natural Object in Gresik regency
c. Tourism Object and Special Enthusiasm Tourism in Gresik regency

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hang out place in Surabaya

( Eks) Mitra 21 surabaya’s theatre

this building located on between Balai pemuda Surabaya and DPRD Surabaya.This is one of the older of movie theatre in Surabaya. but now the theatre is bankrupt, or the build contract is end. I thought that this theatre is the cheaper one in Surabaya. The ticket was 10000 IDR

Surabaya plaza

I often hang out in this cinema with my friends, because it has strategic location and especially near from my home stay in karang menjangan Surabaya. This plaza also has theatre. Located on the top of Surabaya plaza ( jalan pemuda ). the movie ticket is about 15000 IDR.

Surabaya town Square / Sutos

It’s one of the new malls that have built in Surabaya. Located on Jl. adityawarman and hayam wuruk Surabaya. The built is big and there are many of cafes and boutiques. The cafes open until 12 A.M It also has theatre XXI, and it is the biggest one of the XXI. It has 6 studio and has big lobby. So cool !!!

Tunjungan plaza

Located on jalan Basuki rahmat Surabaya. It is one of the biggest plaza and complete plaza. Yup.. there are consist 4 part, TP 1, TP 2 / east plaza, TP3 and TP4 / SOGO. It has 2 theatre, XXI and cinema 21. What is the different of them? Cinema 21 is the first built, consist of 4 studio, the ticket is cheaper that XXI, 15000 IDR ( normal day ) and 20000 ( weekend) and mostly the film which is show are Indonesian movie. XXI is the new theatre in TP, the ticket is expensive that cinema 21 ( 20000 for normal day and 30000 for weekend)

Zangrandi ice cream

Located on infront of eks mitra 21, near the parking gate of Garden palace hotel. It is has built since the Dutch era in Surabaya. The building is so unique, because has Dutch structure a.k.a classic. The place is so cozy, you can enjoy the ice cream that is the main menu of this place while you are hang out with your friends

Karang menjangan food court

As long as the karang menjangan street, especially in the evening until midnight, there are a lot of PKL that sell any kind of food like tempe penyet, ayam penyet, satay, fried rice, tahu tek-tek and many more. The recommendation place is Hoky, Cak iwan, and satay of cak Wid. Hmmm yummy

Monday, March 2, 2009

Souvenir from Jogjakarta

What's on Jogjakarta's???
Not enough words to say it..

"Jogjakarta is never ending Asia "
that is the slogan of Jogjakarta

There are many place that must visit to Jogjakarta.
Yup... The places are so unique and exotic.
I'm sure that you never bored to visit this city.


There is street name that popular in Jogja.
As long as the street, there are many handycraft, souvenir and clothes seller
You must bargain the stuff that u want to buy
so you can get cheaper price
If you tired after walk, you can ride pedicab or Dokar. It just 3000 IDR

such as :
Dagadu cloth ( not original-12000 IDR)
Woman Bag ( started 20000 IDR)
Wood handicraft ( started 5000 IDR)
T-shirt (25000 IDR)
Wood sandals ( 10000 IDR)
Batik Daster ( 10000 IDR)

* those prices are the price that I offered ( each)*

You can visit this city by plane, train, bus, or your own car
I recommend to ride train or own car :D
if you ride the train from Surabaya, You ride on Gubeng station
The train is Sancaka express
this tickets prices are...
1. Business, normal day --50000 IDR and weekend--60000 IDR
2. Executive, normal day--70000 IDR and weekend 90000 IDR
( those prices can be change in school holiday or national holiday in Indonesia)
The other trains are Argo Willis and Bima, but more expensive.

Tugu Station-Jogjakarta

As I said before,
you can ride Trans jogja to take around the city
you just paid 3000 IDR
Trans jogja is smaller than Transjakarta
and don't have the bus way like in jakarta
maybe like metromini bus in Jakarta
But remember, you must paid attention your route
because there are many bus for each route

*further information click it *


until this time, there are many malls
such as, malioboro mall, Amplaz ( Ambarukmo plaza), Saphir, etc
the mall is useless when you were in Jogja.
there are many interesting place to visited

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trip 2 Prambanan temple

In this post i will told you about my trip to Prambanan...
yeah.. I often visit this temple. Fyi, my grandparents house is in Solo. See... this one reason why I often go to Jogjakarta. It just take 1 hours from Solo. When I was kid, my parents often asked me to visited this place
but I was not enjoyed at that time. I thought that this place is not interested, also the Borobudur temple. I just thought.. what the interest of stone building and hot all the day?? Ewww..... it was long2... ago.

But.. now I'm love them.. yeah...
I realize that both of temple are so exotic and wonderful place. Do you agree with me? Yes!!!
One year ago, in January 2008, My class held study tour to jogjakarta. I just paid 75.000 IDR, it caused that my Campuz has paid the other fee. And I brought 300.000 IDR for.. sangu. ( what the Sangu mean in English? hahaha..) Me and my campus friends stayed in homestay in Sosorowijayan street, Iyugh.... I dont want to stayed in this place again. Not recommended place.
All the day I walk in Malioboro... and for the last day, we visited this temple. But, because I was tired at that time.. so I decide to wait in parking lot with my friend hehehe...

Now.. one year later, I visit this temple again!!!
I went with my boardinghouse friend and my friend from hiperkes. hihihi.. I make friend with them, and one of the is cite. His name is Dr. Bram Sttt.... it is secret yah :P
I went at Saturday afternoon after they finish the seminar. We went with trans jogja. Just paid 6000 IDR for one way, and and back home. Cheap right? from home stay in IREDA, we ride trans jogja 3 times ( change the bus 3 times, it depend the route).the ticket bocx is 15.000 IDR for adult, and 7500 IDR for kid. There is also continue ticket with Boko Palace, it take 25.000 IDR.
when ride trans jogja