Monday, March 2, 2009

Souvenir from Jogjakarta

What's on Jogjakarta's???
Not enough words to say it..

"Jogjakarta is never ending Asia "
that is the slogan of Jogjakarta

There are many place that must visit to Jogjakarta.
Yup... The places are so unique and exotic.
I'm sure that you never bored to visit this city.


There is street name that popular in Jogja.
As long as the street, there are many handycraft, souvenir and clothes seller
You must bargain the stuff that u want to buy
so you can get cheaper price
If you tired after walk, you can ride pedicab or Dokar. It just 3000 IDR

such as :
Dagadu cloth ( not original-12000 IDR)
Woman Bag ( started 20000 IDR)
Wood handicraft ( started 5000 IDR)
T-shirt (25000 IDR)
Wood sandals ( 10000 IDR)
Batik Daster ( 10000 IDR)

* those prices are the price that I offered ( each)*

You can visit this city by plane, train, bus, or your own car
I recommend to ride train or own car :D
if you ride the train from Surabaya, You ride on Gubeng station
The train is Sancaka express
this tickets prices are...
1. Business, normal day --50000 IDR and weekend--60000 IDR
2. Executive, normal day--70000 IDR and weekend 90000 IDR
( those prices can be change in school holiday or national holiday in Indonesia)
The other trains are Argo Willis and Bima, but more expensive.

Tugu Station-Jogjakarta

As I said before,
you can ride Trans jogja to take around the city
you just paid 3000 IDR
Trans jogja is smaller than Transjakarta
and don't have the bus way like in jakarta
maybe like metromini bus in Jakarta
But remember, you must paid attention your route
because there are many bus for each route

*further information click it *


until this time, there are many malls
such as, malioboro mall, Amplaz ( Ambarukmo plaza), Saphir, etc
the mall is useless when you were in Jogja.
there are many interesting place to visited

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