Friday, May 14, 2010

I want to share good tips for you

1. Make sure that your baggage already to bring. try to packing two days before you go

-prepare your suitcase

-prepare the clothes, make sure related how long you wanna to go. get clothes which is can mixed n matches.

- toiletteries ( pasta gigi, sikat, sabun)

- makeup-for girl only-

-drugs box

-flip flop sandals / shoes

- camera ,mp3 player, and magazines

-bring enough snack.

2. Make sure that your home sweet home already comfortable and save for leave it

-clean the house first

-ceck the electonics. unplug all of the electronic stuff except your lamp's house

- off the stove

- store the jewels, laptop / in to your room ( in your

-report to ketua RT ,security guard dan left-right neighborhood

-lock the hose and set the alarm

- Additional tips, turn on the radio at home as long as you go .. it can deceive people who are not responsible for the targeting your house.

3.make sure your vehicle fit


-Check machines, servicing a few days before going home

Bring the security triangle, car equipment.

-Check the tire pressure and tire condition


Emoticon HolicEmoticon Holic

Be careful during the trip. Do not believe the people who are not known. Immediately report to the nearest police station if there is something with your life. Who want the train going home pake apai, bus or plane .. hehehe yes do not forget the tickets.