Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trip 2 Prambanan temple

In this post i will told you about my trip to Prambanan...
yeah.. I often visit this temple. Fyi, my grandparents house is in Solo. See... this one reason why I often go to Jogjakarta. It just take 1 hours from Solo. When I was kid, my parents often asked me to visited this place
but I was not enjoyed at that time. I thought that this place is not interested, also the Borobudur temple. I just thought.. what the interest of stone building and hot all the day?? Ewww..... it was long2... ago.

But.. now I'm love them.. yeah...
I realize that both of temple are so exotic and wonderful place. Do you agree with me? Yes!!!
One year ago, in January 2008, My class held study tour to jogjakarta. I just paid 75.000 IDR, it caused that my Campuz has paid the other fee. And I brought 300.000 IDR for.. sangu. ( what the Sangu mean in English? hahaha..) Me and my campus friends stayed in homestay in Sosorowijayan street, Iyugh.... I dont want to stayed in this place again. Not recommended place.
All the day I walk in Malioboro... and for the last day, we visited this temple. But, because I was tired at that time.. so I decide to wait in parking lot with my friend hehehe...

Now.. one year later, I visit this temple again!!!
I went with my boardinghouse friend and my friend from hiperkes. hihihi.. I make friend with them, and one of the is cite. His name is Dr. Bram Sttt.... it is secret yah :P
I went at Saturday afternoon after they finish the seminar. We went with trans jogja. Just paid 6000 IDR for one way, and and back home. Cheap right? from home stay in IREDA, we ride trans jogja 3 times ( change the bus 3 times, it depend the route).the ticket bocx is 15.000 IDR for adult, and 7500 IDR for kid. There is also continue ticket with Boko Palace, it take 25.000 IDR.
when ride trans jogja

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