Saturday, February 28, 2009

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan temple is the biggest Hindustan temple in Indonesia, it's about 47 metres which is was built on 9th century. Located on 17km east Yogyajarta (Central java) and side of main street to Solo ( on solo-jogja street). This temple consist of 3 primary temple, such as Siwa temple ( center), Brahma temple ( south),and Wisnu temple ( north). Beside that 3 temple, there are front temple, such as Wahana temple( vehicle), Angkasa temple ( Godkeeper), Nandi temple ( buffalo) is siwa vehicle and Garuda temple ( wisnu vehicle, the creator god).

This temple found ant the first time on 1733 by a dutchess, C.A. Lons who want visited Indonesia. Then this temple has repair fir the first time on 1885. This temple also has legend, the legend is about Rara Jonggrang. A villager girl who loved by handsome man but Rara Jonggrang did not love him. For wasted time, she asked the man to bulid 1000's temple before shubuh come ( axactly before the chicken wake up), and she done it. The man built by genie help. But before the man finish the temple, the chickens wake up and make crowded sound. That man angry to know it, so he made Roro jongrang became stone.

further story you can click it ( Indonesian)
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Friday, February 27, 2009

Cheng hoo Mosque

( thanks ya woo dah dieditin fotonya xoxo)

Last Monday, in the Chinese new year
I and Rizwo went to Cheng hoo mosque

located in jl.gading Surabaya, Eastjava-Indonesia

passed jl. jaksa agung suprapto ( near balai kota Sby)
It's small and unique mosque. why?
It's similar like 'klenteng' or pray place for chinese

Heyyy I just come for the first time since built in 2002 (ya ampun.. ndsesooo) When I arrived in this place... I'm speechless SubhanaAllah..

Masjid Muhammad Cheng Hoo has build

as H.M.Y Bambang Sujanto and friends idea,

the imam of Pembinan Imam Tauhid Islam (PITI) Surabaya.

It was build at 15 October 2001,

as same as Isra’ Mi’raj the prophet of Muhammad SAW,

and finish one year laterAt 13 October 2002.

this mosque also declared by Religion ministry of Indonesia,
Bapak Prof. Dr. Said Agil Husain Al-Munawar, MA on 28 May 2003

Here is the photo's when in masjid cheng hoo

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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of course beside tell the place, i will tell the delicious food and handicraft from the city

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