Friday, February 27, 2009

Cheng hoo Mosque

( thanks ya woo dah dieditin fotonya xoxo)

Last Monday, in the Chinese new year
I and Rizwo went to Cheng hoo mosque

located in jl.gading Surabaya, Eastjava-Indonesia

passed jl. jaksa agung suprapto ( near balai kota Sby)
It's small and unique mosque. why?
It's similar like 'klenteng' or pray place for chinese

Heyyy I just come for the first time since built in 2002 (ya ampun.. ndsesooo) When I arrived in this place... I'm speechless SubhanaAllah..

Masjid Muhammad Cheng Hoo has build

as H.M.Y Bambang Sujanto and friends idea,

the imam of Pembinan Imam Tauhid Islam (PITI) Surabaya.

It was build at 15 October 2001,

as same as Isra’ Mi’raj the prophet of Muhammad SAW,

and finish one year laterAt 13 October 2002.

this mosque also declared by Religion ministry of Indonesia,
Bapak Prof. Dr. Said Agil Husain Al-Munawar, MA on 28 May 2003

Here is the photo's when in masjid cheng hoo

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