Monday, May 25, 2009

Tips for holiday

1. Plan the destination
plan the where do you want to go.... in domestic area or foreign?? i ts up to you

2. Plan how long will you stay, what vehicle that do you want to use?

3. Prepare the budget related your destination
arrange the budget, dont too much or less. bring enough money or you can bring your credit card or ATM card

4. Prepare the suit case
- bring enough clothes, treasure, jeans, underwear
- bring toiletries
- cosmetics ( for women esp) bring sunblock to avoid the UV
- bring the snack, mp3, camera, handycam, magazine
- bring sandals and shoes
-bring jacket and sunglasses

5. Prepare the ticket and the pasport Important!!!

6. keep healthy

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Batu night Spectacular ( BNS)

BNS or Batu night spectacular. A kind of recreation place/ theme park which is located in Batu, Malang, East java Indonesia. this place opened on 3 P.M until 10 P.M wib and if in the wekend, opened longer than weekday until 2 A.M. this is new tourism park in Batu that give something new chalenge for the visitor, enjoy the wahana at the night.

This place have a lot of wahana and facilities such as lampion garden, space bike, go kart, ghost house ( 2 kinds, walk and ride cart), mouse coaster, Flying chairs, power source and many more. the entered ticket is just 10.000 idr and you must paid again for each wahana is about.. 6000 idr until 10000 idr. There are alot of cafe, resto and food court if you want to eat after play all day long.

destination board

mirrors house

Jatim Park

Jawa Timur Park (JTP) is one of kind tourism object in Batu, East java, which is
mix and match conceptly between education and tourism in one place and in the same time, so that can give information to society / visitor about culture and knowledge ( two in 1).
And became give information about many kind of culture in indonesia especially in East java province. You can visited Nusantara etchnic galery and East java region


It is located on east montain Panderman with unless 11 hectare area and 850 metres from sea surface and supported by 3 new whana addeed in each year. so that give unpredicted and unforgetable holiday and moment in Jatimpark. The visitor can enjoy beautiful Batu scenery from this place.

by One Stop Service) Jawa Timur Park redy to give satisfying service to the customer, started at 08.30 - 16.00 WIB all the day.

restoran.jpgBeside that Jawa timur park have complete facilities beside wahana and the plyaground, such as food and vegetable market, handtcraft counter, oilet, mosque and many more.

Jawa Timur Park

also completed with Bunga and resort club which is closed and still in the same area. So that the visitor can relax and more ejoyable. For furher information about jawa timur park, you can visite the website here