Monday, March 9, 2009

Hang out place in Surabaya

( Eks) Mitra 21 surabaya’s theatre

this building located on between Balai pemuda Surabaya and DPRD Surabaya.This is one of the older of movie theatre in Surabaya. but now the theatre is bankrupt, or the build contract is end. I thought that this theatre is the cheaper one in Surabaya. The ticket was 10000 IDR

Surabaya plaza

I often hang out in this cinema with my friends, because it has strategic location and especially near from my home stay in karang menjangan Surabaya. This plaza also has theatre. Located on the top of Surabaya plaza ( jalan pemuda ). the movie ticket is about 15000 IDR.

Surabaya town Square / Sutos

It’s one of the new malls that have built in Surabaya. Located on Jl. adityawarman and hayam wuruk Surabaya. The built is big and there are many of cafes and boutiques. The cafes open until 12 A.M It also has theatre XXI, and it is the biggest one of the XXI. It has 6 studio and has big lobby. So cool !!!

Tunjungan plaza

Located on jalan Basuki rahmat Surabaya. It is one of the biggest plaza and complete plaza. Yup.. there are consist 4 part, TP 1, TP 2 / east plaza, TP3 and TP4 / SOGO. It has 2 theatre, XXI and cinema 21. What is the different of them? Cinema 21 is the first built, consist of 4 studio, the ticket is cheaper that XXI, 15000 IDR ( normal day ) and 20000 ( weekend) and mostly the film which is show are Indonesian movie. XXI is the new theatre in TP, the ticket is expensive that cinema 21 ( 20000 for normal day and 30000 for weekend)

Zangrandi ice cream

Located on infront of eks mitra 21, near the parking gate of Garden palace hotel. It is has built since the Dutch era in Surabaya. The building is so unique, because has Dutch structure a.k.a classic. The place is so cozy, you can enjoy the ice cream that is the main menu of this place while you are hang out with your friends

Karang menjangan food court

As long as the karang menjangan street, especially in the evening until midnight, there are a lot of PKL that sell any kind of food like tempe penyet, ayam penyet, satay, fried rice, tahu tek-tek and many more. The recommendation place is Hoky, Cak iwan, and satay of cak Wid. Hmmm yummy

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