Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love Indonesia cultures

We know that Indonesia have many cultures ( The world also know it), but does we as Indonesian people cares and love them? Nowadays Indonesian people often surprised by Malaysia that claim Indonesia's culture such as traditional food, dance, traditional weapon, batik even island. That claimed made Indonesia angry. What should we do with this? well... We often did not care yet about our culture, some people more choosing modern style than traditional custom. Actually, we can not angry with Malaysia that claim our cultures. It is because Indonesia and Malaysia located in the same region, South East Asia and so closed each other. Both of country have similar language, Malay and Indonesia languange. Indonesian people often go to Malaysia, even to stay there. It is possible that Indonesian people who stay in Malaysia introduce and teach it to Malay people. and Malaysia more appreciate to take care our culture than us, so... they can claim that those culture are Malaysia cultures

What are the cultures that claimed by Malaysia? there are Batik(traditional cloth and kain), ra sa sayange song and other songs, Pendet dance ( from Bali), Traditional Instrument music ( angklung, kecapi), traditional foods ( rendang, ketupat, tumpeng, sate ,etc), Reog ponorogo, Ambalat and sebatik Islands ( small island in east kalimantan n near riau province). The Indonesia Government should paid seriously attention to take care all of the cultures and make list culture and have to patent right that cultures. The government must be ask the society to take care and promote them in the world. So guys... we must proud with our country and care with the cultures too. would you???

Some of Indonesia's culture that claimed by Malaysia.
All of them are originally of Indonesia!!!!

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